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We have an exclusive invite to PERSONALLY work with us 1-on-1 in your business for 90 days to help you sell with authenticity, attract more of your ideal clients, and take your business to 6 figures and beyond!
It was the beginning of 2018 and we were standing on one of the world's most beautiful islands in the world, yet we felt more anxious, stressed, and unfulfilled than ever...
A year prior in 2017, the ability to travel and work online from anywhere in the world would have seemed like a dream.

Now, however, living this "dream" only seemed to highlight that there was still so much evidently missing from our business and, in turn, our lives:

- Prioritization of our holistic health (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual)
- A clear why behind our business
- Passion for who were serving

Most of all... IMPACT.

Without creating a lasting, meaningful impact in the world, we felt empty — as if we were not only failing everyone and everything else in the world that we deeply cared about..

But that we were also failing ourselves.

Upon returning home to Toronto from our travels, we made the conscious decision to change our business and overall lives from the inside out, never settling for mediocrity in any area ever again.

Amongst the many lifestyle changes we made in our health, daily habits, and goals, we also completely changed our business model — a model designed to create the greatest impact in the world as possible.

As opposed to simply working with anyone and merely helping them solve their businesses' external issues as we once did, we vowed to ONLY serve entrepreneur power couples at the highest level possible in order to help them transform their lives and their family from the inside out and create sustainable, lucrative, and meaningful businesses.
Firstly, we personally know the importance of viewing our business in a holistic light — something that most people in today's world don't do, including entrepreneurs!

Secondly, we believe that by investing our time, energy, and expertise into entrepreneur power couples like yourselves, we'll also be investing in every life you touch — beginning with your own children, either existing or future — creating a ripple effect of empowerment and good will in our world.

You can think of it as a "Pay It Forward" business model.

In mid-2018, The Impact Formula was born — our 4-step process based on the key foundations every
great influential leader throughout history has used to propel their vision forward...

Which helps entrepreneur power couples create a 6-figure business online that genuinely makes the world a better place.
Here's How The Impact Formula Works:
Every great influential leader who has ever impacted our world in a profound way has held a clear vision for their life. As the old Biblical proverb goes, "Without a vision, the people perish." So often, we hold vague plans for our businesses and overall lives, and then wake up years later wondering why those plans never actually became a reality. In The VISION, you finally clarify the purpose that you know in your heart you're here to fulfill.
  •  6 Visionary Levels — Based on the teachings of NLP expert Tony Robbins, you will examine where you are and where you desire to be in 6 different levels of your life ― spirituality, identity, values & beliefs, skills & capabilities, behaviour, and environment.
  •  Life Map — Using the vision you clarified within the 6 Visionary Levels, you will create a specific, detailed one year, three year, five year, and ten year map for your life that will ensure you achieve the long-term goals you have outlined.
  •  Daily Ritual — It can be difficult to translate our short-term and long-term vision for our lives into tangible, daily actions, and that's why it is crucial that you create a daily routine that sets you up for success from the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you close them at night.
When you apply The VISION...
You'll boldly take action that aligns with your core values and life purpose!
 STEP #2: The GIFT
You have a unique gift that only you can offer the world, but it's no simple task to truly know just what that gift it is and how you can appropriately use it to help others. Just as you would want to give your best friend a gift that they  desire ― a gift that speaks to their heart and tells them that you know who they truly are ― it's necessary to extract your gift that not only displays your unique capabilities and skills, but one that also serve others with immense value. 
  •  Ideal Avatar — While it's admirable to want to serve many types of people and help each of them solve their problems, it's simply not possible to be everything to everyone. Instead, we help you clarify one specific person ― your ideal client ― that you passionately want to serve and gain deep understanding into their mind, heart, and soul.
  •  Irresistible Offer — Based on your own unique capabilities and the pains, hopes, and dreams of your Ideal Avatar, you will craft a premium offer that provides the ultimate outcome they most desire.
  •  Holistic Message — A Holistic Message is one that not only speaks to your Ideal Avatar's mind, but one that speaks to their heart as well. You will, therefore, craft a message that gets to the "heart" of your ideal client's problem, and provides them with the realistic hope that they can solve it.
When you apply The GIFT... The results are outstanding!
In any healthy relationship or successful global movement, communication is key. In your relationship with your Ideal Avatar, therefore, you must communicate your message with clarity, authenticity, and empathy. In The Voice, you build a devoted tribe of people using the power of social media  that systematically grows to know, like, and trust you ― a process that is authentic, ethical, and extremely powerful.
  •  12 Psychological Triggers — Since communication is key in building a healthy, strong relationship with your Ideal Avatar, your content is king. Using these 12 triggers, you will create 30-50 pieces of content that transform complete strangers into eager high-paying ideal clients. 
  •  Authenticity — Although it can feel strange to share our own vulnerabilities and past shortcomings with others, it actually takes a great deal of strength to do so. For this reason, you will learn how the power of authenticity attracts the right people towards you and your valuable services.
  •  Storytelling — As someone who has already achieved the outcome that your Ideal Avatar is seeking, you have knowledge, wisdom, and experience that is helpful to them. Your story matters, and it has the ability to inspire others and provide them with hope. 
When you apply The VOICE...
You can impact tens of thousands of people WITHOUT paid advertising!
It is your moral obligation to ensure that the people you wish to serve achieve the result and outcome they dream of acquiring. As a guide and influential leader, their success is your fulfillment. It is, therefore, crucial that you position yourself and your highly valuable services in manner that honours both you and your ideal clients, and assures them that ― while you are an imperative part ― they are, in fact, the hero of their own journey.
  •  Personal Branding — Without a doubt, Personal Branding is  the most effective way to maintain a loyal tribe of raving fans and ideal clients. As opposed to people identifying with an impersonal brand, people identify with you as a human being and view you as the "go-to" authority to help them achieve what they want.
  •  Authority Funnels — You will create funnels that strategically deliver your message to the right people at the right time, and only attract ideal clients who respect you as an authority, value your expertise, and are 100% committed to achieving the outcome your premium offer promises.
  •  Scaling — You create systems within your business which work for you around the clock and allow you to operate in your "Zone of Genius", ensuring that you have the freedom to focus on doing what you do best ― helping your clients.
When you apply The GUIDE...
You will increase not only your income, but also your influence online!
If you're an entrepreneur couple who knows in your hearts that you're meant to impact this world in a profound way...

But you don't feel as if you are truly doing that yet because you're constantly stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Never having enough time, money, and headspace to finally get ahead in your business.

Then I want to assure you that you're in the right place.

You DO have something incredibly special to offer your clients and the world at large, but you just haven't been introduced to the right formula yet to make your dream become a reality.

Maybe you already have a few clients and although you're making enough money to pay the bills, there's never much left over.

Maybe you've even invested into a couple of programs by online marketing "gurus" that over-promised and under-delivered, and were disappointed with little results.

What's worse, perhaps these trainings left you feeling even more confused since they provided you with a lot of misleading information...

As opposed to transformation ― which is what you and your business truly need.

You've been sold the lie that your business just needs a "quick fix" on an external level by people who are just trying to make a quick buck and who don't have your best interest at heart.

We've been there in the past too, and to be honest...

We invested over $15,000 into trainings and programs that didn't work.

So, please know that you're not alone and that it's certainly not your fault. If anything, the fact that you have already begun investing into yourself and business shows an immense amount of humility, dedication, and commitment to your mission.

You've come a long way and you should be proud of what you've accomplished thus far, because as we're sure you already know...

Being entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, leaders, world-changers isn't an easy calling.

Yet, here you both are answering the call... together.

Something inside of you knows that you're capable of so much more. That you're capable of helping people at a higher level. That you're capable of giving your family everything you never had growing up. That you're capable of creating a legacy of growth and contribution.

And you're right ― you absolutely are capable.

You just need a little help finding your direction, which is exactly why we created The Authentic Authority ― a 90 Day Mentorship Program which helps entrepreneur power couples implement The Impact Formula into their businesses.
The Authentic Authority
How To Harness The Power Of The Impact Formula, Build A 6-Figure Business Online, and Become The Influential Leaders You Need To Become...
What if instead of working more and becoming even more stressed in your business, you could:
  •  Build a powerful personal brand that positions you in a 'Blue Ocean', makes you the "go-to" authority in the eyes of your ideal clients, and causes the competition to become completely irrelevant
  •  Craft a scalable, high-ticket offer that serves your ideal clients on a deep level and transforms their lives
  •  Build an intimate tribe of loyal, raving fans who like, know, and trust you
  •  Create content that is immensely valuable and relevant to those you serve, and predictably turns strangers into high-paying ideal clients time and time again
  •  Have qualified leads actively looking to work with you because they already know they want you to help them (before even getting on a sales call with you)
  •  Continually attract clients who are able and eager to pay you top dollar for the unique expertise and services you provide
  •   Build a reliable and predictable system within your business that runs like clockwork and actually gives you back more time, energy, and money
This process creates a powerful, magnetic pull that consistently attracts ideal clients who are passionate about working with you.

Over the course of 90 days, you will be guided through implementing The Impact Formula and you will have a predictable, effective lead generation system that takes your business to 6 figures within less than 12 months.

Since its debut in mid-2018, the formula at the heart of The Authentic Authority is responsible for an impressive, growing number of success stories.
What Others Are Saying...
Guido went from $1,500 to $15,000 in less than 60 days!
Guido B. - Educator & Engineer
Devin landed new High-Ticket clients in less than 4 weeks!
Devin R. - Chat Bots & Funnels
When Jelena upgraded her money mindset, her income upgraded as well!
Jelena O. - Certified Life Coach
"He helped me confront my own limiting beliefs, as well as help my income grow exponentially
Anna M. - Empowerment Coach
"Before, I was stumbling as an entrepreneur. Andres has really helped me structure my business!"
Josie M. - Founder of Stars Sports Backpack
After Paul niched down and raised his prices, He became the go-to authority in his field!
Paul T. - MBA - Founder of Branchwater
Who Is The Authentic Authority For?
This 90-day mentorship program was created to help heart-centered experts build a lucrative, sustainable, and ― most importantly ― impactful online business. If you want to...
  •  ...Stop working with clients who undervalue and underpay you, and begin working with clients who greatly value you and pay you what you're truly worth
  •  ...Stop chasing leads who you need to convince to work with you, and start being chased by qualified leads who enthusiastically desire to work with you
  •  ...Stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious all the time, and create a business model that actually gives you back more time, energy, and money
  • ...Stop lacking confidence and feeling as if you're "not enough", and begin believing in yourself and the unique worth only you can offer your clients
  •  ...Stop investing in low-ticket, low transformational programs that don't give you with the support you need, and instead invest in a high-ticket, highly transformational program that supports you every step of the way
  •  ...Stop settling for mediocrity and living in fear, and begin creating a legacy of positive, lasting impact in the lives of your clients, family, society, and greater world
  •  ...Make more, so you can GIVE more
If this sounds like you and you're committed to getting
the results you want, then we would love to work with you.
Click the button below to apply!
What Happens Inside The Authentic Authority?
In The Authentic Authority, we provide you with 4 fundamental forms of support to ensure your success:
1. Biweekly 1-On-1 Mentoring Call
2. Weekly Group Coacing Call
3. Slack Support
4. Lifetime Access to Online Library
 1. Biweekly 1-On-1 Mentoring Call
Biweekly, for a total of 6 sessions, you will have a live 1-on-1 call with Andres and Cheyenne where they will personally help you with your specific challenges, questions, and goals . Receive intimate, high-level support that is 100% relevant to your unique situation and needs.
 2. Weekly Group Coaching Call
Each week, for a total of 12 sessions, you will jump on a live group coaching call guided by Andres and Cheyenne where they will take you through the week's objectives and answer any questions you and the rest of your coaching group may have. 
3. Slack Support
You will be plugged into a Slack support group with your fellow mentees, as well as private 1-on-1 support from Andres and Cheyenne. Group support with your fellow mentees is available 24/7, and Andres and Cheyenne will be available to help support you from Monday to Friday.
4. Lifetime Access to Online Library 
All live group coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded to an online library that you have access to 24/7. Within this online library, you will also find many bonus resources — PDFs, videos, links, etc. This ensures that if you miss any live calls, you will be able to access them within 24 hours of the live recording. 
In The Authentic Authority, You’re Surrounded by a Community of Passionate Married Couples, Entrepreneurs, Experts, and World-Changers
While you will absolutely receive step-by-step support that you need in order to take your business to the next level by creating a highly valuable high-ticket offer, learning to attract your ideal high-paying clients, and truly providing your clients with immense transformation...

You will also connect with other entrepreneur couples who are on a similar journey.

Although you will inevitably get to know them, and openly share in each other's knowledge, wisdom, and first-hand experience...

You will also have the opportunity to build life-long relationships and friendships with like-minded married entrepreneur power couples who will inspire you and continually challenge you to grow.

People who are in the trenches with you and putting in the work to reach their ambitious goals.

Together, as a community, you will enhance your mindset, reach new heights, and — most importantly — make the world a better place...

Which is completely invaluable.
Here's Why Time Is Of The Essence
Firstly, since only 12 people are accepted into The Authentic Authority 90-day mentorship...

Spots are limited.

In order to ensure that you find our mentorship highly valuable and transformational, we keep the groups small and intimate.

Secondly, while patience is a virtue and you must be incredibly perseverant when it comes to your long-term vision...

There are hundreds... thousands... Heck, maybe even millions of people who need your help NOW.

The truth is, if you're telling yourself the story that you're going to take massive action in your online business soon instead of now, then you're likely waiting for the moment you'll feel 100% ready and confident to do so.

From personal experience, however, we can tell you that the "perfect moment" — the moment where all of your self-doubt, fear, and anxiety vanishes and you feel completely fearless to move forward...

Doesn't exist. Stop and take action NOW!

You will always feel uncomfortable doing something that is new and unknown. It's called growth.

It's normal and okay to feel fear, but it's not okay to let that fear hold you back from reaching your full potential, serving the world with your gifts, and creating a business that you absolutely love waking up to every day.

So, why is time truly of the essence?

Because you can't afford NOT to take action. The stakes are too high. You've got an insanely valuable and lucrative business to build, and a whole lot of lives to change.
About Andres & Cheyenne Martinez
After immigrating from Mexico to Toronto, Canada in 2009 at the age of 19, Andres studied  Digital Media Arts at Seneca College and began freelancing as a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, and website designer. Cheyenne was simultaneously studying at the University Toronto as an English Major, and then at York University pursuing a Bachelor of Education. 

In the summer of 2013, Andres and Cheyenne met at a salsa festival and soon became  completely inseparable. After getting married in 2015, Andres continued along his entrepreneurial journey ― mainly focusing on digital marketing strategies for brands such as Lexus, Toyota, Hyundai, McDonald's and McCain Foods China ― and Cheyenne followed a career in teaching. By 2016, they felt that their lives were headed in a direction that they didn’t envision for their future ― lack of finances, time, and energy as they always felt overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. They wanted more for their lives. They wanted to make more so they could give more to their families and the greater world.

In late 2016, Cheyenne dove into entrepreneurship with Andres full-time in order to create their very own online business together. Both Cheyenne and Andres suffered from immense anxiety in the first year of growing their online business. Even through all the anxiety, stress, and confusion, however, they were able to hit 6-figures by the end of 2017. 

After a long two month trip to Thailand and extensive soul searching, Andres and Cheyenne  realized that they had to ― yet again ― reach the next level in their online business and overall lives. Having greatly neglected their own health and undervalued their expertise throughout the previous years, they vowed to live up to their greatest potential, and serve others at a higher level. They began improving their holistic health ― their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being ― and aimed to create the mentorship program for entrepreneur couples like themselves that they wished someone would have created and offered them two years prior: The Authentic Authority.
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